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Women in Informatics (WINFO) is a Diversity organization in the Information School at the University of Washington, Seattle. Our organization is dedicated to empowering women to thrive as producers of technology. We establish and maintain a network of women that offer encouragement, support, and ongoing knowledge that promotes success. As an organization, we aim to attract and inspire women to explore opportunities in information technology, to connect women with others of passion in the realm of technology, and to utilize women’s unique perspectives to lead technological innovation.

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Grace Hopper 2019
Grace Hopper 2019
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The term “informatics” broadly describes the study and practice of creating, storing, finding, manipulating and sharing information. When the iSchool chose "informatics" as the name of its bachelor of science degree in 1999, the term was not widely used in the U.S. The name was chosen because it spoke to the opportunities that are available to students with the strong technical background needed to develop solutions to the world’s information challenges. ischool.uw.edu


Our mission is to empower women to thrive as producers of technology by establishing and maintaining a network of women who offer encouragement, support, and the ongoing knowledge needed or desired to succeed. We strive to provide students with resources and support towards career development and academic pursuits.

WINFO's 8th Annual Hackathon
WINFO's 8th Annual Hackathon
speed mentoring
Speed Mentoring with Women Leaders 2016


Women in Informatics (WINFO) was founded in 2012 by a group of women in the University of Washington Informatics program. Their aim was to attract and inspire female students in the tech industry to connect with each other and lead other to achieve and aspire. They wanted to increase female applicants to the Informatics program. In 2012, the Informatics program admitted only 140 students, 28% of which were female. Now, the Informatics program accepts 210 students per year, 40% of which are female. ischool.uw.edu


Allison Geary
Melina Perraut


Kayla Chea
Roshni Srikanth


Rachel Kinkley
Bhavya Garlapati

Director of Finance

Melina Perraut
Lucy Lin

Director of Outreach

Dana Rin
Kelly Wang

Creative Director

Sam Rondini
Alyssa Vo

Director of Public Relations

Roshni Srikanth
Bandhna Bedi

Director of Diversity Efforts

Gisele Fox
Kayla Tounalom

Director of Community Efforts

Sharon Lin
Emiri Nishizawa

Hackathon Director